Monster Lighter

Zippo Motif Lighter, Artist Series 

This is an artist lighter collection partner with the world-renowned lighter company Zippo. We make use of the lighter shape, opening it like those monsters opening their mouth.

Pirates Couple


What happens when a fierce pig falls in love with a cat-face mermaid? They became the Pirate Husband & Wife team! And don’t forget their fearless son! Each bearing a skull tattoo as a sign of their clan, they are clear in their message - “Don't mess with us!”

The Lighters

Pirate Workers


We love treasures, we love gold! We love to set bombs, HoHoHo! Digging and fighting is what we do best, making us special from the rest!

The Lighters

Monster Brothers


Living in the ocean with mermaids and pirates, this pair of sea monsters have been scaring divers and intruders since long long ago. They are also pen friends with Nessie the Loch Ness monster.

The Lighters