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"Ten Treasure Troves" 
Children Book

Pirate Family x CEDD

Pirate Family published a book entitled “Ten Treasure Troves” with CEDD. Through the use of stories, illustrations and quizzes, it introduces CEDD pier improvement works, the associated engineering knowledge and the customs of local communities near the piers.

Pirate Family

Targeting conservationist and 6 to 10 years old children, this IP is good for environmental education, marine protection and family education.


About the "Ten Treasure Troves"

Hog the Pirate Captain and his crew embarked on an exotic treasure hunt after discovering a mysterious treasure map. After searching ten remote places of Hong Kong, they finally met the map owner and uncovered the secrets behind the ten treasure troves shown on the map...

Mini Games

To boost interest in reading, we created various mini games within the story. Children will learn about the features and culture of the “Ten Treasure Troves” locations through those mini games.

Team up the pirates through the game of Sudoku


Finding pirates & objects game


Finding emblems game

Pier Improvement Programme (PIP)


Through this book, children will learn about not only the Pier Improvement Programme, but also some fun fact about engineering

"Ten Treasure Troves" is free to read from CEDD website. If you like this book, please support us and follow our FB/IG and share with your friends!
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