Ocean Art Walk 2016

The Story of the Ocean

In 2016, YAF, Ocean Recovery Alliance and Link collaborate to present Ocean Art Walk 2016 at Stanley Plaza, to further encourage recycling and avoid using single-use and disposable plastics.

My collection of this exhibition is named “The Story of the Ocean”. Colorful posters with catchy taglines are an effective way of spreading important messages to the public. The collection of illustrated posters aims to show the beauty of the world’s oceans and urges us to think about what we can do to reduce marine pollution.


A series of posters are displayed on a dining table, implying what we do to the ocean will ultimately affect the food chain and our health.

The exhibition is also included two large infographics, introducing the importance and urgency of ocean protection.


Our Dream: A Plastic Free Ocean

This infographic illustrating the facts of ocean pollution around the world.


The Journey of Hong Kong Waste

This infographic indicates the ocean pollution problem in Hong Kong, so as to draw the public attention and rethink what we can do to protect our hometown.